The Real Value of Penny Slot Machines

Many slot players may wonder how a penny slot machine is tagged as the wolf in a sheep's clothing. Digging deeper on the value of the penny slot machine and how it can make a significant impact to a slot player's bankroll may help in finding a logical explanation to support this statement about penny slot machines.

What is considered to be the biggest break in slot machine games is the offering of the penny slot machine which considerably provides the cheapest means of wagering in slots. From a slot player's point of view, the penny slot machine connotes a low risk, low stake wagering in slot machines with only pennies to pay when betting.

A penny, being the currency with the lowest denomination value, provides a psychological effect to the mindset of most slot players of playing in a cheaper and less costly way of betting in a game of slot machines. However, there is more than meets the eye with penny slot machines.

The term penny slot machine has a deceptive effect on the actual wager involved when a player places their bets in this kind of slot game. Many casinos realize the value of a penny where they can equally gain profits or even attain beyond what is earned from nickel and dollar slot machines.

How can this be possible? Penny slot machines are actually not just a penny game. Because slot machines have been presented in various denomination games from nickel to $1, $3 and $5 per spin slots, it became more highly expensive among slots players to play especially with the newest trend of slot machines that have multi-reel features that require more coins to spin.

In order to offset the burden of wagering with the newest slot machines that has multiple reels to play, the idea of offering the penny slot machine seems to be brilliant as this will likely attract more slot players to play using the cheapest denomination of the US currency.

A penny slot machine usually allows its players to play with multiple coins per spin that upon calculating its total value will result to more than the maximum coins required in a $3 coin slot machine. With this kind of game, a penny slot player is more likely to lose money faster than they would in playing a higher denomination slots. This is the main reason why the penny slot machine is called the wolf in a sheep's clothing.

Playing pennies in slot appears to be very cheap but the total accumulated wager when calculated far exceeds the maximum bets one can play in a higher denomination slot machines. Therefore, slot players must play the penny slots with extreme caution. Although they are playing in penny value it is still real money they are putting at risk.

Being known what is the real value of penny slot machines, slot players will be more aware of not being easily deceived with playing the penny slots. Although slot machines do give higher payout at maximum number of coins, it is always best to begin playing penny slots at two to three coins per spins to avoid fast liquidation of their bankroll.

The slot player may then upgrade their bets by increasing the number of coins per spin once they made a hit and learn to downgrade again to lower number of coins once losing seems inevitable.

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